Catedral da Natureza (Nature Cathedrals) presents the places by the use of a "spiritual sport". Aluizio is a rock climber, advanced diver, advanced snowboarder, hiker, off road experient and surfer and windsurfer. Skills necessary to reach any places, anywhere.

  Aluizio Sales Jr  has dedicated his informal life to the wild nature  protection presenting the last preserved locations and also demonstrating the potential of these places for healing , energizing the body,  redeeming the soul and seting  the mind free from the civilized world.  



Several movies are posted in youtube as "Catedrais da Natureza" and also the site and hosts the books published. OR reach us at

To reach the proposed places, some health and good physical conditions are required, but the most important are the endeaver, explorer and the relentless spirit of the followers of this philosophy.  Become one of us! Get yourself healed, mind free, overcome your fears, know pure places, feel the energy of Gaia, be strong and resistent to the elements, come back to be alive again !!!

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