Switzerland - Zermatt Snowboarding

Zermatt is a spectacular Switzerland city at the border with Italy, where the citizens declined to continue breathe the pollution from the automobiles and only accepted the electric car. The result is the deepest blue ski ever seen upon on the mountains and soundless streets, where the birds and falcons get closer.

Zermatt has Three Ski Complex and access to Cervinia ski area in Italy. At the Swiss side, the Matterhorn Ski Paradise complex has access to the Glacial mountains, slopes aligned with the Matterhorn, great view to the valley of Zermatt and a long run slope of 20 min merging across the pine trees , cottages and huts. Gornergrat complex have gorgeous slopes and sightseen, with two mountains, one of them Gornegrat itself with access with train from the village to the top with several smooth slopes. And the other one is Hohtälli with access with cable car. However to reach the bottom of the cable car, it is necessary to challenge narrow slopes, sometime cut the fog and clouds and feel the force guiding you not to fall from a cliff. Sometimes we just have to feel the great energy of nature at slopes with huge twisted and old pines.