Brazil - Cânions and Waterfalls of Rio Grande do Sul - Hiking

One of the best places to visit in Brasil, is Gramado city at Rio Grande do Sul State, Gramado has its natural touch and particular concern with nature preservation. If you are in Brazil, there is a high chance you will visit it, since it is becoming a "fun and entertainment" city such Orlando in Florida, although it is located on the mountains with the possibility to have snow falling some years. Besides the museums, and chocolate factories, there is a place where you can practice snowboard and ski all year long. This is the Snowland (TM) a indoor place for ice and snow sports. There, you can see if have affinity with the snow and cold and decide if you can practice snowboard or ski, before merge yourself into the Nature Cathedrals Terrains , such Zermatt, Davos, Aspens, Chillan and others already published here.

But of course, we are not here to talk about the great human construction of the Snowland Park. We write today to talk about 3 places listed as a Nature Cathedrals we visited in Rio Grande do Sul. The first in Gramado it is the Ecopark Sperry, the second is the Caracol Park in Canela city (10 km away of Gramado) and the last the Itaimbezinho Canion (130 km away from Gramado to Cambará do Sul). A private, a state and a national preservation park.

Ecopark Sperry : This Park is an excellent option to exercise your legs and merge into a 3-4 km well maintained trails with astonishing waterfalls sequences . There you can see a small canion, with a tall waterfall falling into a river in the bottom of the valley. As you hike up and down in a circular trail (it will ends up at the same place you started), you will touch spectacular granite walls, feel the pure air of a deep forest with several species named along the trail, and see several others waterfalls as you walk across the bridges. Animals such monkeys were seeing there. This is a private park, and your visit fee will help the preservation of the place. So, it is a great place to feel the power of waterfalls noise and the cool wind blowing from the water falling, this is a energetic and healing experience . The intensity and amount of waterfalls in a small place makes it unique .

Caracol Park : This is well known by turists. A massive waterfall falling is the main portrait everyone is willing to take a picture, but an easy hike along the river and you will be able to reach secondary falls into the main river. Walk all the extension until the small museum where it is surrounded by the last survivors Araucarias pines tree. The ultimate moment of the visit is when you sit for some time at a well located bench at the river edge, there you can see the slow river water and the birds around a huge rock wall . The park is a great place to stretch the legs, easier to walk than the Sperry Park, however equally a great Nature Cathedral with pure vital and positive energy flow.

Itaimbezinho Canion : The National Park of Aparados da Serra preserves the surrounding areas of one of the largest cânions of Brazil. The full extension of this hike can range close to 7 - 8 km all the way from the Reception house to the farthest track site and back. Many panoramic sightseeings are shown. Despite the lenght, it is an easy and flat hike, with no obstacles at all. So basically all age person can do this. The V point of the Canion opening is very close to the reception house. And another 500 m will allow a magnificent view of another waterfall of the Park . The "Veu da Noiva" falls. And prepare yourself for possible rain, closed weather regardless of the condition of Gramado and other city. The Canion is known to have its particular weather.