Italy - Solda Sulden Snowboarding

This time we immerged in one of the most beautiful places in the north of Italy. A region where the adventure starts in Bormio across the Alpen, Livigno in Switzerland and Solda Sulden again in Italy. At 6 am we started the engines, drove up and down several mountains on Alpen and we've met astonishing sunrrises over the snowcap mountains. Close to 8 am we were at Solda, with our rented Snowboard. A small and secluded village with a nice ski resort incrusted around 2600 meters with fresh and a good quality snow, this place was the first of the season 2017/2018 to start the operations at the region. The main reason is a gorgeous deep forest surrounding the place, bringing moisture and constant snow. The national park of Stelvio is a must panoramic route. From Santa Maria in Switzerland we faced the most challenging driving for 40 km in Passo del Stelvio, before it is totally closed for the winter in november 12nd. A drive into Gods home , a spectacular sightseeings every curve , large wild animals staring at you as the wheels were sliding with the ice and snow. A side show, where the main event is the Spiritual healing with the extreme sport we "use" to speak with God. Enjoy the You tube series for Bormio and Solda Sulden.