Mexico - Cave Dive in Cenote dos Ojos

Continuing the Adventure in Mexico. I experienced 2 dives in caverns. First in Cenote dos Ojos and the second in the Bat Cave cenote. Mexico is known to have the most complete underground cave network beneath Yucatan Peninsula. The whole region is a coral reef fossil, so the rain water is filtrated to those caverns. Basically you will be diving in a very pure mineral water, where all your senses are scrambled from an "out of this world environment" . The video below is the full HD video posted . Cenote dos Ojos (Eyes Cenote) have this name because you start diving from a cave opening (first eye) to the second entry (20 minutes) and come back to the first entry doing a "8" figure trajectory. Therefore, we have two entries (2 eyes). Along the diving we are able to see formations underwater, and the sunlight going across a ground crack and reaching the water and doing a show apart . Remember this dive was guided. Cave dive is the second most deadly activity after spacecraft activities. Do not dive at a cave without proper safety knowledge.